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"False Start, Number 76, Offense"

As the weeks continue to progress in the NFL season, I have noticed something very interesting. Terrell Owens was not the number one Dallas Cowboys player with an insatiable hunger for attention last season. That title should rightfully belong to offensive lineman, number 76, Flozell “The Hotel” Adams.

Although his nickname, “The Hotel,” is a reference to his large stature, it might also be applicable to his desire to be in the spotlight.

Watching the Cowboys for many years now, I have witnessed just about every game that Flozell Adams has played in. I have seen his high points and his low points, and I have seen people like John Madden criticize him for being extremely penalty-prone. At first, I thought that Madden and company were blowing things out of proportion, but as time went on, I realized that they were correct. The words, “False start, number 76, offense,” was something that has become drilled in my head so many times, that I feel like I might explode.

And if the penalties were not enough to get me concerned, Adams has shown a recent lapse in judgment on a few plays. The plays that stick out are: Kicking Giants’ defensive end Justin Tuck in the knee, attempting to trip Osi Umenyiora, and this past week, he attempted to kick Panthers’ defensive end Julius Peppers. These penalties, plus the unnecessary roughness penalty against the Bucs in week 1, have cost Adams $25,000 in fines.

Following his last penalty against Carolina, I began to wonder if Flozell Adams was worth all of the headaches that he brought to the team. Sure, he is a great talent and a pro bowl caliber player, but his penalties are really beginning to add up and hurt this team a lot. For a guy who is as talented as he is, you wouldn’t think that he would make such infantile mistakes over and over again.

Now that Flozell is in his 12th season, I think that the Cowboys should strongly consider looking for someone to replace him soon. His penalties and antics are really becoming a hindrance and a distraction to a team that can ill-afford to have them (The Cowboys have been criticized for being an undisciplined team, and Adams is clearly the ring leader). If they eliminate the problems that Adams is bringing to the team, there is no telling how much this team can improve. They would be losing a lot of talent, but it’s better than losing another 5 yards for a stupid false start penalty.

By Lee Tawil

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