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Wade Phillips Staying...Of Course

As a Cowboys’ fan for the span of my lifetime, I understand some things about the team that the average football fan might not. When I heard that Wade Phillips’ job was safe for the rest of the season, I was not surprised at all.

Looking at the way the Cowboys have played, and underachieved in most peoples’ opinions, one might wonder how Phillips’ job is safe right now. Isn’t the main focus of a coach to yield the best results out of his players? If Wade Phillips is not doing that, then why is Jerry Jones willing to keep him?

Shouldn’t Jerry take some of his billions of dollars and use it to get a decent coach in Dallas? To most people, the answer is obviously yes. However, to the man in charge, it is the last thing on his mind, and it is a conscious decision that is being made.

The reason that Jones has Wade Phillips over guys like Mike Shanahan or Bill Cowher is because he does not want to give over total control of the team to a coach. Once he gets a guy like Cowher, who is loud, boisterous, and not afraid to instill his beliefs in anyone, ”Jerry’s Cowboys” will become ”Bill’s Cowboys.” And as has been highlighted over the years, Jones is a very hands-on owner, who has frequently been seen on the sidelines during games. To him, it is not enough to just own the team, he has to CONTROL them as much as he can.

Why do you think his relationship with Jimmy Johnson went sour in the 90’s?

Bingo. Because he would not allow the coach to be a real coach. He would try to stifle his creativity by needing to showcase his own views on game matters.

The important thing that Jerry needs to realize is that by wanting to have more control of his team, he is hurting their chances to be successful on the field. If he would just relinquish some of his control to a good coach, he would see that this team can achieve a whole lot more.

After all, it is no coincidence that good coaches can lead their teams to multiple championships, whereas the weaker ones always seem to blow it in the big spot.

If Jones can stop putting himself before the team, the team can reward his huge ego better than control can; with a Super Bowl Trophy. And everybody knows, nothing boosts an ego better than winning.

By Lee Tawil (

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