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Dallas Cowboys Fans

I want to talk about the recent encounter between Terence Newman and defensive coach Dave Campo.It is a shame that Terence cant bring that type of fire to the field. The Dallas defense could use someone in that backfield that isn't soft. It would be nice to think about the Cowboys organization and not see that they lack the character and togetherness to win a superbowl. There is just something missing in the "swagger" department in the house that Jones built, This team on both sides of the ball lack a killer instinct. So if terence could please bring the fieryness to the field everytime he lines up against an opponent instead of jumping in the face of someone trying to make him a better player. Granted this guy has the potential of being a "pro-bowler" he needs to do something on the field. He should focus on being a leader of the defense, the Cowboys organization "players" especially need to remember your only as strong as the teammates around you. If they would hold eachother accountable, they have all the promise of being a superbowl winning team. I also would like to add that a owner is just that and shouldn't undermine everything that his coaches are trying to do,we all know that the N.F.L. has that group of certain owners who can't help but rush to the sidelines. Those same owners can't get past thier ego's long enough tobuild a dynasty, or had one and threw it away. Why spend all that money on a new stadium if you can't even produce a winning franchise, let's see how many true cowboy fans would give up the ninth wonder of the world aka jones house to win another lombardi trophy in the old texas stadium. I know this is a fact because my grandfather helped build the original stadium and been a cowboys fan since they opened the doors, he tells me all the time what awaste the new stadium is because the structure doesn't build tradition its the fans and the great memories of winning with the occasional heartbreaking loss to build character. I say we have had the loss so let's get back to the winning part.

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  1. Hey what up, I am new to the site and dropped by to say hey. I am the new writer for the Eagles and a huge Philly fan so maybe we can get to know each other and talk some smack lol. We will get our payback against the Cowboys in Dallas at the end of the season and I sure can't wait to watch! Keep up the great posts!