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Big Boss' Blasts: Cowboys v Saints 24-17

And a much needed win puts us right back in the fight folks!

The Dallas Cowboys uprooted the undefeated New Orleans Saints in order to stay in contention for taking the NFC East.

There are two plays that I am outstandingly proud of the ‘Boys for pulling off, both are to two of my favorite superstar players. The first of course being the initial touchdown pass to Miles Austin. It was just a picture perfect play of how dangerous that man can be on a stop-and-go route. He beat three different defenders deep on his wheels alone and Tony Romo followed up with a very well placed deep bomb, something that I think has been lacking from Mr. Romo in the past few weeks.

The Mike Jenkins interception was my other big play of the night. Jenkins read New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees like a book. On a deep post down the left side of the field Brees underthrew wide receiver Devery Henderson and Jenkins took advantage of the mis-read with a great play on the interception. Watching the replay impresses me each and every time. Jenkins could not have done a better job covering Henderson, who has been a headache all season for any other team the Saints have faced.

The defense also looked amazing this weekend. The defensive line kept enough of the offensive line busy, enabling sacks by Anthony Spencer and Demarcus Ware, including 2 forced fumbles. The defense was in Drew Brees’ face all day and could not have played any harder.

The biggest worry I had was how healthy the Dallas secondary was going to be. It’s been a vulnerability for several weeks until Saturday night. Although his name wasn’t mentioned much, Ken Hamlin came back to play after being out with a leg injury dating back to week 10 when Dallas lost to Green Bay.

So does anyone else see a new Cowboys team? Or better yet, does anyone else see a Cowboys team that is just finally playing up to it’s potential?

There is a lot of talk that the Cowboys always get hyped up, that their talent is continually outshined by their name and assets. I think this game is a correction of that assumption. The problem is consistency folks. This team played with all of it’s weapons this weekend. They even involved their rookie wide receiver Kevin Ogletree and 3rd tight end John Phillips, both on big plays. If the Cowboys played this way consistently, then maybe the ‘Boys would be thrown into the whole “pursuit of perfection” drama we’ve been hearing about.

For the first time in a while the Cowboys themselves are witnessing their potential. I can even get more specific and say maybe Jason Garrett is finally familiarizing himself with his dynamic offensive front. This game marks a fantastic utilization of creativity synergized with a talented team who can execute. Romo did not turn the ball over, Marion Barber kept his eyes up and read all his blocks well, Roy Williams played a good game too. See what the man can do when he’s thrown a decent ball? Even though Williams did drop a pass on slant route that could have kept a drive alive, he still played well.

The Saints faced a team that they have not been used to and that’s because this Cowboys offense shredded the Saints defense. A defense that was arguably the number one defense in the league fell victim to 145 rushing yards and another 294 through the air. To add to that, the saints on average had been scoring over 30 points a game until Saturday night. The Cowboys defense held them to just 2 touchdowns and a field goal. Not only that, but the offense deserves credit to this too because of their long drives and scoring when they made it to the redzone.

To paraphrase my man Denny Greene, “They aren’t who we thought they were!”

Most folks counted the boys down and out to battle this Saints team and come out victorious. I don’t want to sound like a fair weather fan, and trust me I’m not, but I’ve been telling everyone all week that this is when they wake up. The ‘Boys will finally wake up and go after the board for the w. The main reason I felt this way was simply due to the fact that this team isn’t capable of losing 3 in a row. With the weapons they have and what they are capable of producing, no matter who the opponent is, Dallas knows how to win. I think sometimes they can just forget. I just hope they don’t make me eat my words and loose through the rest of December.

Like a good friend once told me, “The Cowboys can loose to anybody, but they can also beat anybody.” Zeke Kennedy was absolutely right when he said that. So let’s all hope for play off wishes and Superbowl dreams because this team can do it. They are their own worst opponent. Let’s see if they face their demons with the same tenacity they faced Saints.

Tony Peralez 512-913-6818

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