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Big Boss Blasts: Victory over Philly and looking for a sweep

Chalk up another win folks. And not just another win, but another shut out! It worries me that it’s actually happening, but it seems that Dallas is now the team to beat in the NFC. I couldn’t be more excited or more nervous at the same time. I’m also a big Longhorn fan and can’t help but notice that when the Longhorns are at the top the target on their back is that much bigger. Unfortunately this is now the Cowboys in the NFC; at the top with a huge target on their back.

Tony Romo delivered an outstanding game on Sunday with near to no flaws on his performance. Romo threw 24 for 34 and 311 yards for 2 touchdowns with just 1 interception (it was a tipped pass on a good throw so it really wasn’t his fault). His favorite target of the day of course was Jason Witten, but distributed the football very evenly between Patrick Crayton and Miles Austin. Austin caught 7 passes for 90 yards while Crayton caught 4 for 99. Both receivers looked outstanding after every catch. Crayton did a great job of tucking the ball in and moving through the defense, evading the secondary down field like they were non-existent.

Romo has shown us a lot of things through his short run at Dallas. Some ups and downs but if he has proved anything, it’s that Romo truly is the leader of this team. The media and fans have given both Romo and Wade Phillips a hard time with their approach through the season, mentioning that they really aren’t taking it too seriously. Everyone has said that their mantra was too soft and forgiving, especially for Philips. People are looking to get rid of a man who has created a monster of a defense with talent that had been brought in dating to Parcells’ later years.

I think what Philips has done with this team is fantastic. Sure, we could all use a little more emotion and excitement out of the man, but let us consider the big picture here. Whether his team is up or down, the man always talks about the following week: what’s next in line, where their eyes and thoughts SHOULD be, rather then dwelling on negativity and shortcomings. In the past few weeks Philips has been praising his team with nothing but belief and trust. He knew his team was better than what anyone else thought, and to the team, that’s all that truly mattered.

Romo had a bit of a similar approach. He knew where his team was and took the responsibility to push and carry all members to the peak of their competitive capabilities. When asked of their success or failures Romo continues to look forward and focus on the improvements that need to be made in order to get better. The man is always about getting better, staying away from complacency, and looking for the answers to the challenges that await him and the Cowboys.

The maturity of this team is finally shining through. I feel that it has always been there but maybe we as fans all look past it and only focus on the things we are given: the busted coverage, dropped passes, interceptions and missed field goals. Any negativity aside, looking directly at the team, coaches and players, this team is a mature monster to be reckoned with.

So now this mature monster that we have grown to love and support has to play a division rival … for the third time this season. The Philadelphia Eagles will be hosted by the Cowboys Saturday night. I’m worried and I’ll tell you why. It’s not just that beating a team three times is a tall order, it’s that I think the Cowboys may have shown a little too much in their victory Sunday evening. They played outstanding despite one interception on offense that came from a tipped pass as it was. On defense the only problem was Brent Celek, the Eagle tight end who kept getting open underneath but was kept out of the end zone regardless.

I think Philadelphia may have a little too good of film to watch after Sunday. The run game came out powerful and successful and the passing game was a flash that rivaled Philly’s so called “most explosive offense in the NFL”. The only thing that didn’t work that could be a surprise for the Eagles is Roy Williams. He was absolutely unproductive; running the wrong routes, and got no looks there after. But Roy is a professional and is still one of my favorite Longhorns of all time so I think he still has it in him. That aside, Philly has a ton of great looks of a successful Dallas offense as well as a defense. Dallas doesn’t exactly get the best picture to prepare with after a 24-0 shut out.

Worries and lack of preparation behind, Dallas will be ready. They’ve been trying to get ready all season and I think have been pretty accurate in the processes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, they are their own worst enemy and they know it. And I think this time of year they are fighting and battling harder than ever and we are about to see it all unfold with heavy rewards at stake.

So long as they don’t get lazy and prepare twice as hard this week you can all count on the Cowboys sweeping Philly and making their way to the Superbowl. I predicted boldly on my Facebook on December 31st 2009 that Dallas battles through the NFC for a rematch with San Diego. And if it is San Diego they face, I have no doubt that Dallas takes it. I think the AFC has lost a little momentum and the Chargers will rise to the surface like oil and water. But let’s just focus on Saturday and sweeping the Eagles.

Tony Peralez

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