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A New Season, A New Hope

Wow seems to be the only word that comes to mind when I look back at the events of the '09 Cowboys season; The emergence of Miles Austin as a top-notch receiver, winning the first playoff game in 13 seasons, witnessing the defense develop into a truly threatening force, and so many more. But with the positives come negatives; Roy Williams (The most overpaid, under performing wide receiver in the N.F.L., enough said), getting blown out by the Vikings in the final game of the season, the offensive line not protecting Romo, oh and did I mention Marion Barber is in decline?
But Cowboys fans, don't we have something to look forward to this season? This season is bound to not disappoint like the past few. Every single factor is leading to something good, better yet something great! Dare I say I smell a Superbowl appearance? Maybe it is too early to tell, but for me all the signals point to yes. Think about this for a second, the Cowboys allowed the least points of any team in the NFC East last year. They swept the Eagles and embarrassed them in the Wild card. I believe we have one of the best line backing crews in the league and the future will show it. The D-line has a playmaker in Ratliff, the secondary has Mike Jenkins AND Terrance Newman. The only place where they could use mild improvement would be the safety position, and the off season will take care of that.
Now the offense has to work out a few kinks before it is fully functional but that being said this season has the potential to showcase all the young talent the offense has been holding back. The receiving core especially. If Williams doesn't step up to the plate than both Sam Hurd and Kevin Ogletree will gladly take his place. If you watched every game this season like I did, than you know these guys have the potential, they just need the experience. And that's something P-Cray as I like to call him (Patrick Crayton) can provide. Sure he is not the best receiver ever, but he can make plays on third downs like his life depended on it. The depth we have at tight end is something most other teams will never have a chance to enjoy. Now sure the O-line needs work, and lots of it. But perhaps the draft can help us there. Deon Anderson is a workhorse if he is not injured. And just of recent it seems that Jerry has finally decided to give the starting role to Felix. And if this guy isn't injured. He. Can. Play. Ball. A truly gifted running back. Don't forget at one point we had a chance to pick Chris Johnson over Felix. People call me crazy but I stand behind the choice, Felix is a great fit in Dallas. Oh and did mention we still have Miles Austin, Tony Romo, and Jason Witten?
This offseason has me shaking in my boots in anticipation for the fall. I declare this upcoming season's theme to be the young talent showcase. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare for the ride.


  1. I was with you until the F. Jones comment. Are you for real? F. Jones who has never gone 1 season with out getting hurt is a better pick than C. Johnson? F. Jones is a nice change of pace back and a decent fit on the team but he isnt a starting everydown back. Jerry Jones falls in love with guys to soon. That is why F. Jones is being promoted to starter.

  2. I understand what you're saying. But I think you misconstrued my words. I never said Felix was better as a running back, I only said he was a better fit in Dallas. The reason Chris Johnson has had so much success is because he gets the ball about thirty times a game to make up for the lack of passing in Tennessee. That would not be happening in Dallas with our current play-calling or talent on the passing side of things. And I agree Jerry does fall in love easily, but Felix is being promoted based purely on the fact that Marion has not been producing, and not for any other reason.

  3. OK I guess I misread your post. I like F. Jones a lot just dont think he is on the same level as C. Johnson. If they make Felix the starter I think they need to keep all 3 backs for at least the next season. I know Barber will make a ton of money for a backup but Felix has yet to prove he can stay healthy for the entire season. Choice has played well but is still unproven. Just my 2 cents